The Blue Dog EP

by Bomb Tasty Yum-Yums

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For Larisa.


released June 15, 2007



all rights reserved


Bomb Tasty Yum-Yums Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Forest Wedding
I proposed to my best friend
But she lied when she said no.
I loved my best friend, but she died
So I got married to her ghost.

Are you up? Are you up?

I am saying this to you.
It's you I'm dying to see.

We have the same hands! Now clap them!
We have the same heart! It's started pounding!
Drums and fire all night.
Nothing but drums and fire all night.
This is a new beginning.

I slept through my whole life.
Tonight it will be different.
Are you up?
Let's build a house inside a star.
Are you up? Are you up?
Tonight I'll let the trees climb me.
Are you up?
It's you I'm dying to see.
Are you up? Are you?
Track Name: Sunflowers
We are dried up sunflowers sitting on the porch
I'll have one more smoke
She's doing laundry, having one more martini
And the air conditioner's broken.

I am being watched
By the deer across the parking lot
They know I am pretending to be
Something I am not.
They own my soul, they own it all!
They own my soul.

They are angels getting plowed by our cars
Because we don't pay attention.
She doesn't know me, how I fall in love too easy.
How I fall before I have spoken.

Cat's watching the dogs.
Playing with my ex-girlfriend's clogs.
Everyone wants to be Bob Dylan
But everyone's too busy playing God
While He's sending soldiers into her yard
They're watching me, they're standing guard.

They say, "You fall in love too easy."

But there are sunflowers in her eyes!
"You fall in love too easy."
She told me to write a song about it!
"You fall in love too easy."
But the song was already half done!
"You fall in love too easy."
Don't worry, baby, I'm only having fun...
"You fall in love too easy."
Track Name: What U Up To?
I got up today and I did nothing.
I wonder if you're doing nothing too?
I'll bet you're up to something...
What u up to?
Track Name: Loudmouth
Sitting all alone at my girlfriend's house
Then again, are you even my girlfriend?
I really don't know and I mostly don't think so.
It was only a matter of time
Until I sat at your piano.
It was only a matter of time
Before these things would find their way out
Of my big, loud mouth.

She suggests that I must be bisexual
Because all her other boyfriends are.
But all I get off on is stealing my girlfriends'
Other boyfriends' cars.
Oh, yeah!

I drive real fast and I never use the brakes.
I'm wanted in 48 states from here to Californ-i-a.
I'd make it 50 but I hate the cold
And I don't play the ukulele.
Not to say that I won't someday.
I'm ambitious, and you know it, baby.
I've got a big, loud mouth.

I always know what to say when to say where to say
What I may
It's kind of a curse so I rarely say it
It's kind of a shame that 'I love you' is the three dirtiest words in our language today.
Oops! I said it!
Yet you always complain that I don't curse.
I'd better shut up before I say something even worse


"You are my only one.
You make me feel naked out of context.
But you will never break my heart
Because it's already been done!
So utterly, thoroughly totally done, done, done!

I've got a big loud mouth!
To shout across the country to you!
I'm waiting for you!
Stealing all your boyfriends' cars and waiting for you!
I'm waiting for you!"
Track Name: Blue Dog
Some people say you look like Annabelle Lee.
Some people say you look like Dora the Explorer
But I would know, you really look like Tiger Lily.
I seen her when I was off hunting buffalo.
She told me, "Blue Dog, it's a full moon
And in your eyes, I'm only seeing shadows."
Track Name: Blue Dog Witnesses an Ancient Forest Dance
My deepest, darkest secret:
No, I am not a werewolf.
But I have been known to meet amongst the trees
To hear the thunder of the streams
And the queens of the bees.
Do you know what they do at night?
Do you know the things they do?

There's a thunder underneath my knees.
Close your eyes and I will tell you.
There is a scent of sunflower in the breeze.
Close your eyes and I will tell you.
Do you know what things they do?
Close your eyes and I will tell you.
Do you know the things they do?
Close your eyes and I will tell you...

They rock out all night.
Drums and fire all night.
Track Name: California
California's on fire!
California's on fire!
Didn't you know?
...My God! Didn't you know?!?
It's horrible!
My God!

I will come and rescue you!
But only if you want me to.
Track Name: The Gardener
Watering the flowers
Counting the hours 'til you get home
I have decided I am your gardener.

I was the keeper of the keys at the library.
I couldn't take my eyes from off the books
And all the flowers died.
I will do better this time!
I will not go hunting until I know what to find.

Now they are the deer and I'm the dog
Singing you the same stupid song
On your balcony where I apparently belong
Saint Anthony, we've done nothing wrong!

I'm just her gardener.
Just me and the sun and a pitcher of water!
The deer and I, we are guarding her.
I'm just her gardener, that's all!
I'm just her gardener.