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released May 1, 2006

All songs written by Nathan Photos, except "Left My Heart in Campo" written by Stephen Takacs.

Lyrics to "The Flying Birds (Part Two)" written by Thomas Baltzer.



all rights reserved


Bomb Tasty Yum-Yums Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: It's A Good Life
My family figured they don't want me anymore
So they dropped me off at the county fair.

It's a good life! It's a good life!
I ride the Tilt-A-Whirl all day.
It's a good life! It's a good life!
My master calls and I disobey.
He never hits me.

I fetch the paper and chase stray cats.
Nothing like knowing where you're going!
Round and around and around and down.

It's a good life! It's a good life!
I eat cotton candy all day.
It's a good life! It's a good life!
To lay in the sun and get nothing done.
Track Name: The Passing Storm and the Pop-Chart Pachydyrm
Who's obsessed with things that glow?
Or things that rhyme?
Well our backs are draped in lemon-lime.
We've been waiting for the time

Lovely, lovely, bump me, brush me
Crush me, lushly, rushed and lusty
My soul is dusty
Shake it off, shake it off, light a bomb light a bomb
Light that bomb

Juno, Juno, ride me right to you-know-who
And you-know-where
That place we blared the radio in the 90's
In my memories
When there were good things on
There were good things on in a lawnchair on the farm
Where no one did me harm
I would run away from home
And fall asleep in the barn

I was innocent! Innocent!
Catching crickets in the swamp
We were an elephant! Consider it!
With an 8-track and a disco ball
It's been desolate! Desolate!
Since them damn tornados come
It was all so much easier once.

I was innocent! Innocent!
Rolling joints in the garage
You were peppermint! Peppermint!
You're the blue in my blood.
You were peppermint! Peppermint!
To be sixteen and in love!
It was all so much easier
Before I knew what love was.

Lovely, lovely, bump me, brush me
Crush me, lushly, rushed and lusty
My soul is dusty
Shake it off, shake it off, light a bomb light a bomb
Light that bomb!

Here we go now, here we go now
Seven circus elephants in a row
Cracking our tusks on the way
My friends break my stupid heart every day.
Track Name: Galapagos
...But now we're off to great adventures!
We crash off the coast of the Galapagos
We built a raft for the flood
Now we'll make a cottage from the mud
The rain bows.
Show me how to have fun! Show me how to bow!
Teach me not to glare when I stare into the sun!

Tell me why I'm blind every time I dive
Or why the turtles have to swim me home
Can I do nothing on my own?!?
I tell you, it's maddening!

Even the rain bows!
It's maddening!
Show me how!
It's maddening!
Even the rain bows! Show me how!
It's maddening!

All the fig trees lift your arms!
All the clouds come down!
Should you wake with daybreak,
If you should miss those friendly sounds,
Just ask for the clouds to come down.
Track Name: Australia (To Laugh is To Love!)
I guess we're all grown up now
My feet seem six feet away
When I'm standing around
Should I wear my suit? Put on my best tie?
The one with yellow stripes
To match your dandelion eyes

The grass looks so green today!
So freakishly, freakishly green today!

The colors, they come this way
To confuse you while you're away
On some mission, or goin' fishin'

We're all just doing what we're doing, is what I say.
Anything we want! Anything we want!

I guess we're all grown up now
I did it by myself, no one told me how!
Look at me now!
We've learned how to blow things up
But we're still learning how to love!

We can do it! You can do it too!
Just laugh at me and I'll laugh at you!
Track Name: Funny Little Animals
I miss my mother's tomato garden
Smoking cloves and dancing with the gremlins and gnomes
They were real, if you don't believe
They spoke with the horses and sword fought with trees
Singing a strange little song
It went, it
It went like,

"All the animals have souls
And we are funny little animals!"
Track Name: Baker's Throat
Mostly I sing alone, but once in a while
I sing along
I'm careful because my voice always crumbles
And it comes out all wrong

But I mean it!
(Lions, tigers, wolves and hogs)
And I love it!
(Guinea pigs and prairie dogs)
And you'll have to kill me to stop me
(All of them are at the show)
But sometimes you gotta know
When to let your friends sing the song.
(Tell me mama, can I go?)
Track Name: Left My Heart in Campo
It all started innocently enough
Saved up some money, packed all my stuff
Gonna see the world, at least that's what I thought
Said 'goodbye baby' and a plane ticket was bought

Spent the night in a...motel
It was all right because the roof never fell
Stash your gold above the bathroom mirror
I'll be back for you some day next year

But I left my heart in Campo
Should've visited my uncle in Reno
But I left my heart in Campo
And I'm afraid to go back

Dogs were fussing, dogs were fighting
We were scared because we couldn't see at night
We high-tailed it right out of there
And prayed to God there'd be no bears

Met a lovely pitbull
Took a look at my heart, look at my soul
I see that it's already gone
....Something...something...I dunno

So we ran from the dogs and we ran from the Lord
And we ran from the devil too
We went up the mountain
Looking for the fountain of youth
But all I did find was a girl with a rocky behind
And a busted leg
She said "My friend went for water, it's getting hot, hotter, can you please spare a quart or two?"
I said "I'd like to missy, now don't get pissy
But we left our packs down the road.
If you wait here awhile and gave me a smile I'd be happy to help you out."

So we went for our packs and when we got back
She was nowhere to be found
Men came from the sky and I swore I must be high
But I ain't had a drop in weeks.


But I left my heart in Campo
Should've visited my uncle in Reno
But I left my heart in Campo
And I'm afraid to go back
Track Name: Lions and Lambs
Little lamb, run
Show me how to have fun
Show me how

Little lamb, run
Show me how to ba-baa-bow

Display me pretty star beams
Riding winged things in my dreams

The roaring lion sat down by a tree
He roared aloud and aloud roared he,
"If only someone would pass this way
I would have a good dinner, I would, this day."

Little Miss Sweet had an armful of wheat
And was trotting along quite gay
The lambs made her laugh
But she cried when the calf
Stole her bundle of wheat away.
Track Name: For the Sake of Being Friends
She asks,

"Where do you see yourself five years from now?
On an island or a farm?
With or without a credit card?"

"Where do you sleep when the rain pours down?
In a cardboard box by the freeway?
Or in a collapsing house with a floor made of hearts?"

Should we still be friends
For the sake of being friends?
Is that your new chant?
Is that what you believe??

Well I hope that's not all you think you are to me.
Is that what you believe??

She asks me to forget almost getting killed
By icicles under that bridge in the glorious Illinois wind
Forget the sequins! The sequins!
Exploding as she wept
The way we wept into each others' hands
Like lost little kids
Four months before she even left.

She asks me not to mention it again.
She asks me not to mention it, so I won't mention it.
She asks me not to mention it again.
She asks me not to mention it, so I won't mention it.
But elephants never forget.

For Michelle.
Track Name: The Flying Birds (Part Two)
Old-fashioned evil is a woman with a raised brow
It's being in bed with someone who's not quite sure how
Old-fashioned evil is taking off your ring
Before an introduction.

The flying birds were wrong to doubt us
The flying birds, what are they without us?
The flying birds are right to fear us.
Those with wings, they won't come near us.

So I was just waiting for my father to come back
And show me how it's done.
Erstwhile, we assumed a stag astride a lake
Couldn't wait any longer for him to come back.

So instead, I am the one who comes back.

Old-fashioned evil is growing up without a brother
Or a sister
It's cursing in front of your homely mother

But new-age evil is digital pornography
Nuclear holocaustry
The promise of another ice-age
And children sold to pay the cost of coffee.

The flying birds were blessed without us
In spite of, because of your lude attachments.
I'm dreaming tin-wrought birds
With feathers hewn like blades.
Erstwhile, the flying birds rent this world for plunder.

I hope to get my wings
While there's still some sky left...
Track Name: Now Is The Time
This is such a scary time, but I am not afraid.
I have been waiting for this moment my entire life!
So say your prayers or say your vows
Or stand outside our burning house
I'll be sad to see it go
But I'll be glad to see it go
You see, our house is not a home.

Regardless, something came to me
I belong among the trees
Always looking up and not knowing where to go
Down here below
The things that glow, like stars and brides
The hardwood floors in the candlelight
The glittermoths and the fireflies
The sadness in my mother's eyes
Looking at you and knowing you will die
I am not afraid!

Sing to the Lord!
Say your spring vows!
Be a good dog and run along now!
I'm sad they let me go but I'm glad they let me go.
You see, there's nothing like the feeling
Of being called home.
Track Name: Holiday
A little bird I met in the woods
Told me he'd tell me a secret
If I promised I could keep it.
I promised that I would, I promised that I could.
He told me the forest was on holiday
And I am so fortunate to have shown up today!

"The great bear and the lioness were preparing to be wed by letting loose their cubs upon the land
To strip the bones of the dead!" He explained to me.

"This will happen at daybreak."

I ask him if he's joking.
I heard those wedding bells a mile away.