Vohaul's Revenge

by Bomb Tasty Yum-Yums

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released April 30, 2011

All songs written and recorded by Nathan Photos.
Album cover by Larisa Tran.



all rights reserved


Bomb Tasty Yum-Yums Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Crashed-ish
“…Roger Wilco,
This is Yum-Yum Number One.
Yyyeeeeaahhh, I kinda crashed-ish
On a jungle planet
And I don't know know where I am.
Could you please come and get me?
I'm really sorry.
It won't happen again.”
Track Name: Level 01
Go! Go! Go!

Don't anybody try to be a hero.
There are no mega men.
There are no bionic commandos.
There is only me and you.
There is only me and you.
There is no cure
For the 21st century blues.

The countdown begins.
We're counting backwards to zero
The world is ending.
Can't you tell the world is ending?
I can feel it in my bones.
I can feel it in my blues.
You are breathing into me
And I am breathing into you.

This is Level One.
The game has just begun.
This is Level One.
Get your heart container and your gun.
This is Level One.
Everybody is playing a game
And this is Level One.
Is everybody having fun?

I told you this world is ending. Everybody run.
Planes are falling from the sky.

There is a rumbling
Underneath the street!
There is a rumbling above the sky!
When I say everybody, I mean everybody
Everybody gonna die!

There is a beating of wings!
There is a coming of Kings!
There is another ocean
Where the angel sings!

There is a stomping of a thousand feet
There is a haunted place
Where only strangers meet
There is a dragon keeping me
From looking you in the eye.

All the doomsayers say hooray!
Tomorrow will be Judgement Day.
Everything you love is gonna go away.
Black holes will open up
I said black holes will open up!
Everything you have
Is something that He made
And He can take it He can take it
Take it take it take it take it away.

So collect your gold coins
And get your extra lives!
Leave your SUV's and your trophy wives!
Kiss your friends goodbye
And set the controls
For the heart of the sun!
We will pay for what this world has become.

Track Name: Beast Freedom
She's coming straight out my PC
She's bringing out the beast in me
She's my bonafide electro-light
Cell phone supplying alien queen

She's got the best graphx u can fit on an 8-inch screen
She got the sexiest tentacles your eyes have ever seen
She's got a doomsday pulse ray with a neon green beam
She's got fiber-optic plates where her thighs should be
She's my automatic anti-static
Plutonium ice cream wet dream

There is a reason for all of this.

What did you color me?
Who set the beast free?
What is this orange light that's pouring out of me?
There is a virus that lives inside us
And it wants to eat you out of me.

She hands me a keycard and a crystal shard
And tells me if I want to live to see the morning
I'd better fight off all her demons while she sleeps.

I would do anything for my queen
Track Name: Beast: Free 'Em?
I am trapped and I can't get out.
I can't get out of this house.
This man is a prison and I am in him!
This man is a disease
And I have been him!

Free the Beast!

His soul stinks like cheap perfume and bad wine
His tongue is blistered from lying all the time
But his stomach acid's melting
Every bar upon my cage
And his heart is hibernating
Like he's a living ice age.

I will get out of here soon....
I'm so excited....

I'm in your house
I'm in your mouth
I'm in your thighs
I'm coming out
I'm in your skies
I'm in your lines
I'm in your mouth
Now spit me out
I'm up your sleeves
I'm in your trees
I'm on your ship
Now ship me out
I'm in your mind
I eat your time
I'm in your eyes
Now shut me out.

Free the Beast!
Track Name: Escapin' (Rear-Left Style!)
I fell in love with the captain's daughter
But she was in love with the ocean water
I don't know what to do
Now I can't live without her
I just don't know what to do about her.

She's out there now
Building castles on the beach
I'd fight the ocean
But the ocean would take me.
She told me once that underwater's
Where she learned to breathe
I wrote it down
Every word she ever said to me.

I have a book
Of all her secrets that I keep
She's always in the shallow end
But she says that she prefers the deep
She never will be mine
Her father never will pay me a dime
But I'm having a wonderful time!

It's a beautiful world
She's a beautiful girl
I'm having a wonderful time.
Track Name: Public Places
I'm on a white elevator going up
Watching people through the glass
Someday I'll hit the top
And I'll be home at last.

All these public places make me very nervous.
Never planned on falling in love.
Never done anything on purpose.

Is the future warm
Or is the future cold?
Will we do what we want
Or will we do what we're told?
Will the world end in a minute
Or will it end in a day?

I look around and realize:
This is not a robot, this is only me
This is not an elevator
It is only a tree
Track Name: The Root & The Tree
You can't see the roots
From the top of the tree
You can't call yourself a root
If you don't sprout any leaves
You can't plant a garden
Without pulling some weeds
All your birds will die
If you aren't dropping any seeds

And you call yourself a root!
The audacity!
What have you done?
What have you grown?
You're just standing
In a potter's field all alone

Oak for skin and willow for bones
Worms for neighbors
And dirt for a home.
Track Name: Rainwater
I'll be on my way home
When the rainwater comes
I'll be passing by all the light
I'll be eating guitars, my darling, I'll be drinking drums
By the time the raindrops turn white

If you'll have me for a night
Then you've got me for life
You don't want to be my girlfriend
But you're gonna be my wife.

There is frost upon your fingertips.

She walks up barefoot
And finds me smoking out my ride
She tells me I'ma freeze to death
And I should come inside
But inside, sometimes,
It's colder when she cries
Every time I kill those
Shiny anime lights inside her eyes
Do plants still grow when they're dead?
Is this all in my head?
I never think of who I am.
I only think of who I'm not
A.M. Creep-Out is already gone, my darling.
I guess I'm all you've got.

If you'll have me for a night
Then you've got me for life
You don't want to be my girlfriend
But you're gonna be my wife
If you’re gonna plant a garden
Then you’d better do it right.
There is frost upon your fingertips.
Track Name: Space Invaders


"Attention, people of the planet Earth!
We are regretfully here to inform you
That your governments have not complied
With our requests
To hand over your ocean water,
Which we require
To fuel our Warships o' Death.

There are no offers
We are willing to take.
There are no excuses
You will be able to make.
We are a merciless and violent race
And we have come in our pods,
In the names of our gods,

Why'd I get out of bed today?
Sleeping's what's been keeping
All my enemies at bay
It's getting hard to stay awake.
In my dreams there are no foreign legions
Tearing up my holy land
It's just me and Jesus,
John Lennon and my Plutonium Queen
And we're all holding hands.

Our odds are about a million to one
They come from a planet with fifteen suns
They've got a thousand bombs
For every one of our guns, but....
I'll show you what you made
When you dropped them bombs on my brigade!
I don't have as many weapons yet
But I'm thinkin' 'bout an upgrade....


Track Name: California
California's on fire.
California's on fire!
Didn't you know?
My God.
Didn't you know?!?
It's horrible!

...My God!

I will come and rescue you!

Come back home, baby
Come back home to me
I need to be with you
You know I need to be with you!
I'll burn it all for you
I'll burn it all down for you
You know I would never leave you, baby.

So come back home, baby!
Come back home to me!
I'm camping out now on your balcony
I'm never leaving now
I guess you're stuck with me
I will come and rescue you, baby
I'm a superhero, baby.
That's I'm supposed to do.

But only if you want me to.
Track Name: Chrysanthemums
It always floods when you leave town
The streets turn into rivers
And the people start to drown
I climb trees and catch dew drops on my tongue
You choose a train wreck or a plane wreck,
I choose a laser gun

A roof over my head won't keep it out
The roof over my head is coming down
Hours of showers of incredible sound
Thousands of flowers grew out of the ground

Now your room smells like Chrysanthemums
Like the foreign land you're coming from
When you return the sun will hum
Lasers and fire will make us one

The walls of your palace
Are covered in vines
There are no signs of life
The stairs collapsed,
So I scale the balcony
I'd eat the stars
But those are not stars to me
I'd stab the clouds
But they're still too far from me
I'd pay your rent
But it is not rent to me.
I'd wreck your plane,
But I can not let you leave.
Track Name: The Duel
Leave your husband. Come with me.
Leave your husband and come with me.
He is so cruel to you.
I will treat you right.
I will treat you right.

Bring your blanket
Bring a pillow in the car
Because we're going far, far away
We will leave in the middle of the night.

He's going to come after us.
He's going to come after us
But I will be ready for him.

Don't worry your pretty head.
Light a candle
Play your favorite album
And go to your motel bed.
I will be in the parking lot.
You're going to hear two shots
One will make contact and one will not.

You're in love with a ghost

You love too much, you know.
You fall in love too easy.
Track Name: Snakecharmer
With a face like that
You could charm snakes
With clothes like those
You could travel space

I think I'm in love.

No, I know I'm in love.

If you could only see us now!
If you could only believe us now!
There are snakes coming 'round

The snakes chant:

“We are hypnotized by the sound
Of the birds in her mouth!
The butterflies in her hair!
By the bees in her hands
And the wolves that she wears!”

I know I've never had
The best self-control
I blame it on a weak heart.
I blame it on a weak soul.
I blame it on my baby, on her maybes,
On her giving me rabies
And keeping me on my knees, knees, knees.

I know I've never been able
To do what I'm told.
I'm never gonna grow up.
I'm never gonna get old.
I wanna be your remote control.
I'm gonna be huge, honey.
I’m gonna be gold, gold, gold.

I’m dying for you.
Track Name: Plunge the Depths of Hell
When we were young
Our teachers told us,
“There are holes that eat stars!”
My God will not forsake me.

“They can even eat planets,
They can eat everything you are!”
My God will not forsake me.

When we were young our parents told us,
"Don't leave the house after dark!"
My God will not forsake me.

"The monsters aren't under your bed,
They're in the yard."
"Never trust your friend
While there's a needle in her arm."

I'm watching oceans of sin
Pour from you into him.
I carved a box where you can live
In the middle of my ribs.
You can reach it like a treehouse.
You can climb there from my limbs.

Black holes! Black holes!
There really are black holes!
She looked into my eyes and said
They are black holes!
Well, then hers are stars
And stars are gold
For those kinds of riches,
I would do what i'm told.

Bullies and whores! Bullies and whores!
All the girls I've fallen for
Are bullies and whores!
Cuts on their lips
And bruises on their thighs!
Silver tears on their cheeks
From their big gold eyes!

It will be different this time.

Love, where'd you go?
When you coming home?
Love, where'd you go
When you didn't come home?

I try my best to grow up, but I don't.
I try to be a friend, but I'm alone.
I want to marry everyone that I know
And have a service in the snow.
My God will not forsake me.

When I was young my teacher told me
That i have an old soul.
When she said it, she looked me
Straight in the black hole.
When she said it
My heart turned into coal.
My God will not forsake me.

When I was young my Father said,
"Don't put bullets into peoples' heads.
Never take in a stray dog.
Never hold a meeting in the fog.
Don't climb into a stranger's bed."

Black holes! Black holes!
Do you believe in black holes?
There is something out there.

Warp speed. Mach 3. I am going in.
I can see my future, endless and black.
Hum for me, Love, I am going in.

Holy, Holy…
Track Name: The Swamp
You would be a legend in the swamp.
You would be gold, honey.
You would hit the top.
You would dine
With the gators and the ghosts.
You would live on avocado soda pop.

You wonder what to make,
You make the most
You slither like a snake
When the others aren't awake,
But I know.

What's the matter? What's wrong? Wassup?
Got an adder in your chutes & ladders?
Be a human, know the rules, get up
Stop your crying, it's a long long ride

Gravel roads, getting stoned
Just a bag o' bones
Rotten then ripe
Then growing from a vine
I've seen it happen a million times
But not a single person can explain Why:

Why I breathe in just like a tree
But I breathe out just like a factory
Why the only time I dance
Is when I'm on my knees
Begging, "Please!
Just guard your sheep!"

But lightning is the answer I receive.
It burns the sky so splendidly
Almost breaks the world in half,
The bass is so heavy
It reads the Word right into me,
Like a gospel carved into a tree
Now I know it's time for the end
Of our sweet dreams
And our blasphemies.

Every boss I ever got to
In every single game
Always beat me at least once.
Pluck it from a vine,
Try again tomorrow.

Go to sleep now, baby
You're too old for lullabies
And you're too old for fairy tales
But you're too young,
Much too young to die.
Don't be afraid,
Just hold my hand
We're leaving this swamp.
I'm taking you to a palace in the sky.

What's the matter? What's wrong? Wassup?
Got an adder in your chutes & ladders?
Be a human, know the rules, get up
Stop your crying, it's a long long ride

We'll watch the oceans turn black
With our seats laid back.
We now present the counter-attack
With our systems up and our systems on
With our missiles aimed
And our shields gone
We will burn it all down,
Burn it to the ground,
Burn it all to nothing
But dust and bones!
God knows what planet
Your friends are on, son,
You've gotten so far from home!
Track Name: Final Boss
...I've been trying for months to take you out.
The time has come
Now let the beast out
All the warships take off
All the birds fly south
All the leaves on the trees
Pull their praises from my mouth.

Now let's go! Go! Go!
To the end of me!
Go! Go! Go!
Pulled to pieces by the enemy!
Go! Go! Go!
I turn my back
But the war is in front of me, go!
Go! Go! Go!
To the end of me!
Go! Go! Go!
Track Name: End Theme (Morals & Conquests)
Never trust a lizard;
He will only take your princess
And tie her to a treacherous bridge.

You will be forced into battle,
Be it on your feet, or your knees.

There are no reset buttons.
There are no extra lives.

There is no way
To reassure our broken-hearted wives.

We may never be coming home.

I'd better radio in.

“Roger Wilco,
This is Yum-Yum Number One.
Yyyeeeeaahhh, I kinda crashed-ish
On another planet
And I don't know know where I am.
Could you please come and get me?
I'm really sorry.
It won't happen again.”